Our 8th Graders are Publishing a Collection of Stories!

I just finished my second trip to Daylight and this time, I was privileged to spend some time with the Level 8 (8th grade) students. At the end of this year, in December, they will take the KCPE exam (like the ACT or SAT but to get into high school, not college). The class that just took the exam in December, did remarkably well, with 100% passing.

2016 Level 8 students in  class

This year’s class has a high hurdle, but I believe they are up for it. Part of the KCPE test requires the students to write an original story. Their story is graded in part on grammar, spelling, and penmanship and, in part, on creativity. We discussed creativity, where it comes from, some tricks to spark creativity, the tradition of Kenyan storytelling and poetry, and read a wonderful poem by Kenyan poet Njeri Wangari about the power of words over bullets, all under the grand, old mukusu tree on campus.

I asked the students to write a story while we were in Alala for a couple days. The students copied their stories in a personal journal they made. The stories are wonderful and creative. You will have a chance to read them. Stay tuned. We hope to have the collection together by late spring or early summer, in print and for Kindle.2016 level 8 students and teachers You will be able to see for yourself just how smart they are. Proceeds will go to Daylight School.

Tom Gillaspy
First Presbyterian of Stillwater Team

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