Our Students Help Prepare and Serve School Lunches

Daylight School is a working farm with cows, chickens, goats, geese, and several acres of farmland were we grow corn and beans. Our local Daylight farm grows a third of the total food served at Daylight school. Daylight farm is a key part of our life skills education. We want our students to learn how to farm so that they can go into agricultural business or manage a family garden.

This is how our students prepare a Kenyan dish called Githeri, a high protein and very delicious mix of corn and beans.Between classes or on the weekends the students spend a few hours prepping the next weeks lunches. After the corn and beans are picked they are sifted and sorted to get out the dirt, twigs, and rocks. Corn is sifted on one tarp. Other students are given piles of beans to sort. Students like to talk and sing as they sift.Angelina Kimpur, who oversees the Daylight farm, walks around to help the students.
Then the beans and corn are put through the grinder to prep them for cooking. The prepped beans and corn are put into large bags in the kitchen. 
Then the beans and corn are cooked and served throughout the week by student volunteers working alongside Daylight staff.
Daylight Kenya’s staff works hard to ensure that our students are well fed. You will often hear staff tell students to eat until they are full. Thank you for your financial gifts which are enhanced by our Kenyan volunteers and donations. Together we ensure our students are healthy and ready to learn.

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