Piece by Piece We All Helped Bring Water To Daylight

Getting water pumping across Daylight School at the turn of a handle was a huge project!


Daylight’s water system was built by hand, piece by piece, by hundreds of dedicated volunteers and staff who decided that our kids deserved clean water.

There are so many people who made this project possible, starting with the builders who hand dug the 60-foot well.


The fundis (Kenyan builders) who hand mixed the cement

20150929_160244and painstakingly climbed down the well to put the bricks in.

The Stillwater Presbyterian team (and Rachel!) that worked alongside Daylight’s staff to construct the water tower and get it level!

The Rochester Team and the Daylight neighbors who spent a day scratching their heads and plotting how to get a massive water container 30 feet in the air with ropes and muscles.
img_9503The volunteers who dug trenches and laid the pipes to get water across our campus.

And of course, YOU! Our partners who give what they can so that our children can have what they need.

And when you see the smiles on their faces, we know it was all worth it.

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