Pledge for 2017: Help Eunice Become a Great Nurse

Eunice is in 6th grade at Daylight and she is curious about everything.4-euniceShe loves learning about how cow’s milk gives people energy in science class, she studies hard in Swahili class because she believes “learning our national language will help people from different tribes become one Kenyan people.” She wants to combine her talents to be a nurse so she can help people. And she is already well on her way.

When Eunice says she wants to be a nurse her friend Magdalene smiles. “Last month I got really sick with chest pain and had to go to the doctor. And Eunice agreed to come with me because I was scared. And as I was sitting in the hospital, she put her hand on my chest and asked me how I was feeling.” 4-magdelene-with-euniceMagdalene pauses and smiles wide. “My friend Eunice will be a very good nurse.” 4-magdalene-wangeci

Will you pledge to give $50 a month to support one Daylight student like Eunice for a month? Or will you stretch to give the $1,000 that it takes to provide food for Daylight students and a staff for a month?

Whatever amount you give, we will put it to use quickly for Daylight’s students. There are a few ways you can make your 2017 pledged donation:

1.  Fill out the online pledge form and contact Elodie at for information on making recurring gifts through your bank’s bill pay system.

Daylight Center & School
P.O. 50433, St. Paul, MN 55104

2. You can give online through PayPal at

Thank you for helping Eunice and Magdalene grow and learn. Their friendship is possible because of your support.

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