Pledge your support for Grace and Daylight students in 2018

Pledge your support for Grace and Daylight students in 2018

Unlike many American kids, Grace never expected to go to school.

Grace grew up expecting to live her life in the desert village of Alale, but when her parents died, she was sent to live with her uncle who was arranging a marriage for her at a young age.


Call it divine intervention, or just a twist of fate, but Grace’s marriage plans were interrupted. Grace got a serious ear infection and was brought to recover at Daylight, where she fell in love with education. Between doctor visits Grace sat in 1st grade even though she was much older than most of the students in the class. This did not deter her.

Your gifts to Daylight made it possible for us to meet Grace’s needs; care, shelter, food and a quality education.

Grace is now in 4th grade, and her friends at Daylight cheer her on. Grace is excited to make a better life for her family still living in the desert.

I want to help the people in my village. I want to build a small clinic to see people and help them for free. I will also be a farmer so I can pay my bills.

Will you support Grace and her 400 classmates as they grow to be bright leaders in Kenya?

Give today or pledge your support for 2018 – whichever you choose, we are so grateful.

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You can make a pledge  by filling out this form online or printing it an mailing it to Daylight Center and School. Pledges help Daylight plan for the upcoming year.

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