Prayer Update: Joshua Kimpur in Hospital with Malaria

Daylight partners send our love, our support, and our prayers. And the Kenyans at Daylight do the same.

They pray for us everyday.

They thank God for us everyday.

This week it was especially clear as two boys were hospitalized. One from a Daylight Partner church in Minnesota and the other was Joshua Kimpur. Angelina and Michael’s youngest boy who came down with a fever from Malaria.

Prayers to Kenya by Michael Kimpur:

As some of you know, my youngest son Joshua has suffered from childhood with Malaria. He is very susceptible to it. And when he gets Malaria he gets a very serious case of it. On Sunday, we took him into the hospital in Kitale (the large town 20 miles from our home) and he is currently there. He has a fever and Angelina and I have been by his side praying for him. We ask that you pray for him too. When he was a small boy he went into a coma from Malaria and nearly died. So as you can imagine we are very concerned for him. Please pray. We will keep you posted as his condition changes.

Prayers from Kenya by Board Member Lenny Snellman

Each night in Alale, our team would sit around the fire with some of the villagers and elders. On Thursday, Michael asked everyone to stand and pray for a young boy from a Daylight Partner church Minnesota. The boy had just been hospitalized.

There were 21 of us (three Americans and 18 Village Elders), holding hands around the fire. The pastor of the Alale village church prayed for the boy in Swahili and then Michael prayed in English.

The next morning, we were involved in a “circle of elders” ceremony with about 40 men. Their goal was to thank us for coming. We sat in the middle of their circle through a very long prayer.

After many minutes of prayer in Pokot, one of the elders said (Michael told me later), “you have to pray for that boy that we prayed for last night..” “I don’t know his name,” was the response. Michael reminded them of the boys name. Then the elder started saying the boy’s name and all 40 of the men in the circle repeated it.

Only about 5 of these 40 men have ever traveled the 90 miles to town in Kapenguria. They have no concept of where we come from, except that it is very far away. But they were all praying for this boy to get better.

Please pray for both of these children. That they will get well soon and peace for their families.

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