Pre-School Graduation Celebration at Daylight

For 2 years our Pre-School students gather each day to play, learn, and sing.  This week was a special one, because the 5 year olds graduated!

So they proudly donned tiny gowns and hats to celebrate this joyous day. With their heads held high they marched through Daylight’s main campus as the rest of the students, teachers, staff, and their families cheered them on!We are so proud of these students, their families, the staff and teachers worked so hard to make this day possible. Some Daylight preschool students walked to school each morning several miles alongside their friends and older siblings. Some took a motorcycle ride. Some had their mom’s or teachers give them rides on a bicycle. Some of their amazing students are the very first person in their family to go to school. Preschool at Daylight is a lot like preschool around the world. Everyday our 3, 4, and 5 year old students gather for a snack with their friends. They learn their ABC’s, work on writing, coloring, and counting to 100.

“Well done, well done, Faith you are the BEST!” This song is sung by our Pre-school students after each of our students bravely answers a question or leads the class. Our students are joining the rest of the Daylight and we can’t wait to see how far they go!

Thank you for investing in these amazing children. Your support makes this possible.

We are so grateful to educate these brilliant and caring preschoolers.

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