SUPER CUTE Pre-School Graduation Pictures & INSPIRING 8th Grade Interviews

We had an another inspiring graduation ceremony for the over 40 Pre-School students who are getting ready for 1st grade in January 2016!IMG-20151114-WA00002016 is an especially exciting new school year because our first class of Daylight students are graduating 8th grade and going on to DAYLIGHT HIGH SCHOOL!

They prepared this amazing video to tell the world about how they came to Daylight, why they love Daylight, and what they want to be when they grow up. And with these amazing role models our 1st grade class is sure to be another generation of leaders as well!

On the other side of the world there was a benefit concert to raise support for Daylight and say:congratsThank you for being a part of this global partnership and helping make students’ dreams come true.


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