Rascals, Daydreamers, and Tri-lingual Students

Daylight Partners,

A reflection from Allison and Maia Raney’s recent trip to Daylight.

Mostly, our days were spent at the school teaching 5-6 classes each day, including music classes outside! We learned some great songs from the kids and video-taped a music program.

The kids at Daylight are so fun to work with. One of the teachers asked me how kids in America differ from kids in Kenya, and I told him there are many similarities. Each group of students includes a few rascals, a few studious, a few daydreamers, a few quick-witted smart alecs, etc. I think kids are kids wherever they are in the world, the differences being the cultures in which they are raised.

For all of these kids (and teachers), English is their third language behind 1, their tribal language and 2, Kiswahili. Some kids are fluent in all three languages, some two and some are just learning their second language. I am humbled by the amount of information these teachers are able to give the kids and how quickly they pick it all up.

Allison Raney
Children’s Choir Director
Lynnhurst UCC

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