Sasha wants to be an International Radio Journalist

Sasha is in 8th grade and she loves movies and radio. “I like American and Nigerian movies the best. I like the African dress and acting in Nigerian movies. I also like how the people on Nigerian movies respect each other.” She smiles wide: “But I also like the action movies from America. And I love the Disney movie the Jungle Book. I like all the animals.”

10 - SashaSasha came to Daylight 7 years ago from a desert village in Baringo. When she started Daylight only had 3 grades. She says Daylight gets better every year: “Now we have more classes and more subjects than when I started.”

Sasha says that she would “like to be a radio announcer on the international news.” She wants “to help describe the world to people who don’t have TVs. So they can know what is happening in the world and in their country.”

Thank you for supporting Sasha, Daylight’s future journalist!

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