School’s Out and the Soccer Field is Full

Throughout the month of August, Daylight students have been on break from class and spending sunrise to sunset on the soccer field.

Daylight has year round school that begins each January. There is no big summer break, but three breaks during the year when boarding students can return home to visit family in nearby villages: three weeks in August, four weeks in December, and 2 weeks in April.

Those that live in the area or chose not to return home this last August, spent the break playing soccer and volleyball, doing pull-ups, swinging, and singing.

They are heading back to class this week and the new classrooms are under construction!

Thank you for making Daylight a place of joy for so many children!

Nathan Roberts
U.S. Director


Answered prayer: we have reached our $5,500 goal for a new Phase 1 classroom! Special thanks to First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater.

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