Sewing is an Important Part of Daylight School

Sewing is an important part of life at Daylight. Knowing how to sew is a valuable life skill in Kenya, allowing our students to get a job, mend their own clothing, and creatively express themselves!

Dama, our professional seamstress, expertly sews new school uniforms for the students. She also makes endless repairs, mending the pants, shirts, dresses and jumpers the students wear. There are three treadle sewing machines in the sewing room, and they get plenty of use. Sometimes the machines are moved outside in the sunshine where there is more light, making it easier to see.

Seamstress Dama teaching a sewing lesson

Recently some improvements were made to the sewing room, making the work easier for the seamstresses. We added wiring and an outlet, making it possible to use an electric sewing machine that can make zig-zag stitches and make durable button holes more easily. We also installed wiring for two tracks of solar-powered lights, making the sewing room usable on cloudy or rainy days.

Daylight middle school students learning to sew

Dama and her student seamstresses live out the Daylight principles of continuous learning and using one’s skills to better the lives of others.

Alongside the sewing in Kenya, a sewing group in Minnesota created over 200 handmade dolls to find new homes in the students’ arms.

Daylight students showing off their new dolls

A dedicated group of women in the Minneapolis Community Education Sewing for Children in Need class led by Tristen Lindemann poured their hearts and creativity into meeting their goal of sewing 200 dolls for Daylight. The cheerful smiles of these dolls helped warm up a long Minnesota winter, and we hope the love with which they were created will be felt by the Daylight children.

Thank you to all the amazing people who helped build and design our sewing room. And the people who donate their time and resources to continue this important program. And thank you to all our partners who make all of the education at Daylight possible!

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