Square Dance for Bunk Beds

When a child gets sick and needs money for a doctor, the family will call for a “Harambee,” a community fundraiser. If a family is robbed in the night and raiders carry away their cows, they call for a “Harambee.” And when Daylight needed funds to build bunk beds for our new dormitory we called a “Harambee.”

Well sort of…
A Kenyan Harambee is a celebration with food, singing, and dancing where the community comes together to raise money for someone in need. It is a celebration of community and friendship.

In America we tend to run 5k’s or throw spaghetti dinners, but it’s the same basic idea. People come together and have fun in order to help solve problems.

One of our board members, Theresa Parks, decided to have a birthday Square Dance in order to help raise money for Daylight bunk beds. Fifty of her friends met in a church basement and ate and sang and danced. A Harambee for bunk beds.

The community raised $1,000 for 10 kids to sleep on a bed in Daylight’s new dorm!

Below is a picture of a few bunk beds. Mosquito nets (to prevent malaria), wool blankets (for the cold nights), and sheets (because wool blankets can get a little itchy). Grace, the young woman who recovered from her ear infection with Lauren, is excited to sleep in her own bunk bed, Until now, she had been sharing a bed with the Kimpur children.


Thank you,

Nathan Roberts
U.S. Director

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