Stillwater Medical Team Saw Over 300 Patients

Our Medical Team, comprised of three doctors, two nurses, a firefighter, a pastor, an administrator, and two capable drivers, was ready for an adventure. We spent two weeks in Kenya where we put over 2000 km on the vans zig-zagging across the countryside. image003Our team held free community clinics at both Daylight campuses and saw over 300 community patients!


Bandaging wounds and handing out medicine in our village school in Alale.dsc04757

Ms. Rael, who just graduated Pre-School, got her check-up with Dr. Snellman. She is excited to start Kindergarten in January! img_20161101_160634177-2

We also got to connect with some great friends. Nathan especially enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with Angelina “Mama” Kimpur as they greeted patients waiting to be seen by the doctors.img_20161101_163314248_hdr-1

Thank you for making this incredible and life-saving community clinic possible!

Nathan Roberts
Daylight US Director

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