Student Peter Discharged Soon

Daylight student Peter, who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit last Friday, is doing much better! The doctors believe he may be discharged from the hospital within the next two days. The final diagnosis is acute cerebral malaria. The hospital administered malaria medication as well as a blood transfusion.

Michael wanted me to share this picture of Peter (holding the soccer ball) at Daylight, having fun with other kids. Michael says, “I am sure most will recognize or remember him because Peter is such an outgoing kid at Daylight.” And before long, Peter will be back playing soccer with the other students at Daylight!

Please continue to keep Peter, Mama Peter, and Michael and Angelina in your thoughts and prayers. They are all very worn out by the stress of the situation, but are so happy and relieved Peter is recovering.

Thank you,

Rachel Finsaas
U.S. Director of Operations

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