Student Peter in ICU

Daylight Student Peter, 10 years old, needs your thoughts and prayers tonight. Peter has had a tough week. Starting on Monday he had intestinal issues and fever, typical signs of Malaria. So Peter was brought to the local clinic and treated. This is typical. People in Kenya get malaria a couple times a year and sometimes it means taking a few days off work. If its a serious case it can lead to spending the week in the clinic.

When Peter got sick we all started praying. Everyone knows him because everyone knows his mom. The kids call her Mama Peter. Mama Peter takes great pride in cleaning the dorms and caring for the orphaned kids. After Peter’s father passed away she brought Peter to Daylight and agreed to clean the dorm because she couldn’t afford to pay for Peter’s schooling.

We watched him closely all week and he seemed to be on the mend by Friday. But last night, around 10pm Peter slipped into a coma. Mama Peter was by his side and she called Angelina and I and asked us to rush him to the Intensive Care Unit in the big town 45 minutes away.

It was a difficult drive. Peter lying lifeless in the back seat with Mama Peter fearing the worst.

When we got to the hospital they put Peter in the Intensive Care Unit and began pushing medication to revive him. We said a great prayer of thanks when he finally woke up!

He has now stabilized and again seems to be on the mend.

Mama Peter is still worried that things may worsen.

We hope you will join us by saying a prayer for Peter, Mama Peter, and the kids of Daylight who are so worried for our dear friend. We can all be praying for the speedy recovery.

Michael Kimpur
Daylight Kenya

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