Swings, Young Leaders, and Emotional Income

My fellow traveler, George, loves swings. His company revolves around swings and providing opportunities for individuals in wheelchairs to enjoy swings. George and his granddaughter, Megan, constructed three tree swings by the school, and one of the highlights of the trip was watching the lines of delighted Daylight students use the swings.

My son, Pearson, offered to teach them how to do a back flip off the swing, but I thought that first we should just teach them how to pump their legs!

The headmaster who told us the swings were helping him learn more about the children. He could identify which kids were the organizers and leaders, and then have them use those skills in the classroom. He could also note which kids were off to the side or by themselves and make sure he talked with them to see if they were homesick or having a problem.

George spoke about “emotional income” and how important it was for each of us to receive “emotional income”. After seeing those kids and talking to the headmaster, I think George’s “emotional income” has made him a rich man.

Joyce Schwartz
Daylight Board Chair

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