Taking Pictures with Kids at Daylight

Our team arrived at Daylight after four days of traveling. We traveled from Minneapolis to Detroit to Amsterdam to Nairobi all the way to Kapenguria, Kenya.

When we pulled up to the little sign that read Daylight School we could feel the joy and the energy of the kids.

We first met the kids that board in the dormitories at Daylight because it was past three in the afternoon.We pulled up to Michael’s house, which is on the property, and the children greeted us and they sang songs. They were so happy that we were there. I don’t think they even really knew why there was a bunch of Mzungus (white people) there. Either way they were full of joy.Copy of DSC00262

One little boy walked up to us with a big grin on his face. We already knew his friends had whispered in his ear to do something, maybe he was going to greet us in Pokot.

Maybe he was going to give us a present? We weren’t really sure. He came up and shakes our hands and he goes down the line of all these white people and shake each hand.Then one kid after another started doing it and there must’ve been around 70 kids slowly shaking our hands greeting us welcoming us to Kenya welcoming us to the school, thanking us for coming. It was a very very nice way to develop a relationship with the kids.

The next day, which was Tuesday morning, all the kids arrived at school there is around 320 children they were so excited! They formed circles of maybe 20 to 30 kids, around each person. They wanted to touch eyes, ask us questions just get to know us, they were very welcoming. They wanted to know what you think about us, they wanted to touch our clothes, and learn our culture.

It was a really nice bonding experience. But because of all this excitement I thought, hey I’ll take out my phone and take some pictures because I didn’t bring a camera-which wasn’t really clever of me. I recommend bringing a camera if you ever visit Kenya there’s a lot to see. They were excited for this new toy.Kids were posing they would smile, laugh, take photos of each other, videos, they were actually really good photographers.

They would capture people running, they had so much fun with this camera.IMG_6634
Here in the depths of the first day at Daylight school is one of the thousands of photos of the kids took on my phone and that is what it’s like on the first day at Daylight.

Maddy Lemay
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