Thank You for Supporting Vivian & All the Young Women of Daylight

On International Women’s Day we wanted you to meet Daylight’s star student Vivian!19-vivian
Vivian is in 8th grade at Daylight and she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She got a passion for helping sick people after her baby sister got sick. “When my sister was a baby we took her to the hospital. The nurse told us my baby sister had typhoid. The nurse was so nice to my family and she assured me that my baby sister would get better. And I felt better to hear that.  My sister did get better. I was inspired to become a nurse when I grow up.”

At Daylight Vivian loves studying English and helping her fellow students when they get sick. “I hope to someday work at the Kapenguria hospital near Daylight.”

On behalf of Vivian’s family and all the young women studying, teaching, and leading at Daylight we say a big Asanti Sana Thank you!

7 - Grace and Crew

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