The Innove Project

Daylight is extremely excited to announce that we have applied for a 5-year grant with the Innove Project! The Innove Project is a new ministry of Colonial Church in Edina, MN. Daylight has ties to Colonial through board members, staff, and Michael Kimpur even has been to Colonial on several occasions. It is a grant specifically targeted towards Christian organizations that are run by young people. We will be interviewed, and our organization will be assessed by the folks at Innove. It is a long process and we may not know if we get all or part of the $250,000 grant until this summer.

Please pray for us during this process! It is a huge opportunity and we would like your prayer support.

The details of the project are below:

Colonial Church invites proposals from idea-makers, 35-years-old and younger, residing in the greater Twin Cities region, to submit proposals for projects that “break new ground” for the sake of cultural betterment and human flourishing in accordance with gospel values of faith, service, grace, justice, love, redemption and reconciliation. InnovĂ© provides $250,000 toward project grants, along with human resources, expertise, time, networking, creative community, incubation and acceleration toward successful project launches.

A HUGE thanks to Rachel Finsaas for doing a fantastic job with the application, and to Joyce Schwartz for encouraging us to apply.

Nathan Roberts
Daylight US Director

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