Thelma Recovered from Malaria and Now She Wants to be a Doctor

Thelma is in 6th grade at Daylight and she wants to be a doctor. Her passion came after she went to the hospital with Malaria.17- Thelma

“I want to heal people who are sick. Because last year I went to the hospital. I was at Daylight in the dorms and my body got very cold. I went to the doctor and he gave me medication for malaria. It helped me feel better, but it took a long while. I missed school for a long time. I had to borrow books from my classmates to catch up. My teachers sent homework for me to work on. But finally I got better and came back to school.”

Thelma’s experience gave her a passion for medicine. “I want to help people to be hopeful even when things get difficult.”

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