Tilly’s Summer Sale for Daylight

Meet Tilly. She’s nine years old, starting 4th grade, and lives in Minnesota.

Last week, she came up to me before church and held up a brown paper lunch bag that had “Tilly’s Summer Sale for Daylight” scrawled on the front in black permanent marker. In the paper bag was over $350!

The Duct Tape club Tilly started has been busy for a good part of this year making coffee cup cozies, decorating note cards, and repurposing oatmeal canisters into piggy banks.

On the morning of August 17th, they set up a table to display the duct tape crafts and information about Daylight. To top it off, they mixed up some lemonade, including exotic flavors of mint, and purple basil pink.

Tilly’s Summer Sale was open for business that single day from 10am until 5pm. She sold out of one of the lemonade flavors and most of the duct tape crafts. Her father told me “The only thing I would amend would be her estimation of how many people came to her stand,” (Tilly surmised about 50), “It was a hot day and by the end of it more than a hundred had stopped by.”

When I asked Tilly why she chose to give her Summer Sale money to Daylight, she said: “Because Daylight has taken [in] kids that can’t move parts of their bodies, or orphaned and displaced kids.” She explained that she has heard about other programs, but that those programs already have many people supporting them.

Tilly has decided to use the Summer Sale money to buy 1 bunk bed ($200) for Daylight’s new dormitory, and the rest she wants to go toward food for Daylight students. There is enough to cover the cost of meals for 2 students for an entire year!

I am so inspired and encouraged by Tilly! I hope you are too.

Rachel Finsaas
U.S. Director of Operations


Answered prayer: we have reached our $5,500 goal for the Phase 1 classroom! Construction will begin this week. Special thanks to First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater.

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