Unexpected Blessing & Storytelling TONIGHT!

As you read this, Larry Vukov and his team from Autumn Ridge Church (Rochester, MN) are in flight for Kenya! The team is made up of doctors, builders, a dentist, and a nurse.

While at Daylight, the medical team will see all 230 students for annual checkups, and provide health care to the wider community. Meanwhile, the builders will work with the local Kenyan construction team to install a roof on Daylight’s 2nd dormitory!

Gail Vukov (wife of team leader, Larry) called me earlier this week to share some exciting news about how God has already blessed this trip:

On Sunday, a woman approached a trip team member at church, wanting to support the team’s work in Kenya. The team member at first did not want to accept a donation, but the woman insisted and handed him a few folded bills. Without counting the money, he gave the folded bills to Gail for safekeeping.

Later in the week, that team member was packing his bags and realized a very important tool for installing the roof, a “wood planer,” was heavier than the allowed amount by the airline. The team would be charged a $75 overweight fee to check the tool through to Kenya. He called the Vukov household to ask if there was room in the team’s budget for this unforeseen cost.

Gail remembered the folded bills from Sunday and rushed to count it. $82; a few dollars more than needed to cover the extra cost! God is already using unexpected blessings on this trip.

Please keep Larry and his team in your thoughts and prayers for their safety and service at Daylight, for cross-cultural relationships to grow, and for the students and staff to be blessed. The Autumn Ridge team returns to the U.S. on April 1st.

Reminder: Storytelling Event TONIGHT!
This evening, I will be sharing pictures and videos from my recent trip to Daylight. If you are in the area, I invite you to come drink Kenyan chai and hear more stories about how God is working at Daylight in Kenya.

Storytelling Event with Rachel
TODAY (3/22) @ 6:30pm
Lynnhurst Church, 4501 Colfax Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Rachel Finsaas
U.S. Director of Operations
Daylight Center and School

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