Vision Partnership and Invitation to Sunday’s Event

Daylight board member, Brianna, reflects on her recent trip to Daylight: 

Before going to Kenya, so many of the pieces of what we have been doing through Daylight have just been a vague outline in my mind: it’s always been about “the land,” “the kids,” or “the teachers” but it didn’t totally fit together in my head, because I hadn’t seen it. And, once I was there, it made a lot more sense; seeing the reality just made the vision that much clearer.

I know that this vision is something that I am willing to stand by. Not out of a sense of duty because of the gifts I have been given, though that is a part of it. But because these people (Michael, Angelina, the students, the teachers, the nomadic people, the people of Kapenguria) are a part of me too. They don’t need charity, they deserve partners in the vision that they have created, and that is what we are doing through Daylight.


Event Fundraiser for Daylight

This Sunday, The Northstar Bartenders’ Guild is hosting an event and donating a portion of the proceeds to Daylight! Will you be in town? Join us!

Sunday, December 2nd
8:00pm – 10:00pm
Icehouse Minneapolis, 2528 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

General Admission: $10
Purchase advance tickets.


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