Walk for Water Quenches Thirst

We did it! As of this last week, we finally have the funds to build a water supply and purification system onsite at Daylight, and ensure clean water to Daylight students and staff!

We simply could not have achieved this without the help of Rachel Topazian of Rochester, MN and her family. They organized and advertised this 5k Walk for Water that included water facts along the route; such as “6k = average distance walked for water in Africa” and “5 gallons of water weighs 40 pounds.” Volunteers also set out containers filled with water that participants were encouraged to carry.

Walk 4 Water We needed $5,250 to build the water supply and purification system. The walk event brought in over $6,000! We plan to use the extra funds to hire an assessor to survey the best option for a water supply out in the Daylight outpost villages where both children and adults attend introductory classes.

A big thank you to the Topazians, and the many volunteers and participants that helped make this possible!

Rachel Finsaas
US Director of Operations


The next big project? Phase 1 Classroom.
Last year, a team fundraised for the construction of a dormitory and spent 10 days in Kenya roofing, building desks, sharing stories and studying the Bible with the staff and builders at Daylight.

But there are still a few steps before the students can move in! Currently, our 4th and 5th grade classes are studying in the dormitory space until a Phase 1 corrugated tin classroom can be built ($5,500). Then bunk beds must be purchased ($4,000), and an additional $300 per month pledged toward operating expenses to provide the necessary food and staff for overnight care of the 40 students to stay in the dormitory.

Have an idea or interested in organizing an event for this project? Contact info@daylightcenter.org.

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