Water Filtration Project

Recently our 3rd graders participated in a water filtration project at Daylight School. Safe drinking water is so important for all of us, but many people in Kenya don’t have access to it, which can cause people, especially children, to get very sick and can even cause death. It is a focus of Daylight School to make sure that the students understand how important water purification is and even participate in the process.

Below Teacher Mr. John shows the students a borehole, which every student had to design.

The students went on a hike to go out and identify sources of water in their surroundings.

Students walk to the nearby river.

Then visit the dam.

The 3rd graders also took their National Exams, and did their practical examination under the theme “Safe Water for Good Health”, it entailed identifying different sources of water, water storage and how to make it safe for consumption.

Water is ready for boiling.

Students, below, practicing water filtration.

Below, one of our amazing 3rd grade students with his 3D modeling of a borehole.

Thank you for your continued support of the education and safety of students and staff at Daylight School. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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