Water in the Desert Village School of Alale

Daylight Village School in Alale is the second campus for Daylight, located a day’s drive into the desert of northern Kenya.

Our 100 elementary-age students at Daylight Alale live at home with their families. Most families are farmers,, and our students get up each morning do their chores on their family’s farm, walk to school for the day, walk home, then finish their chores.

They are inspiring young people who are willing to go the extra mile to get an education, and we are so proud of them!Most of these children are the first in their family to go to school. Their school is a simple three-room school house made of clay and wood with a tin roof.  Two years ago, with your help and a grant from Rotary Clubs, we installed a well at the school. It was the only well for several miles, and it has had a big impact on the students and the entire community!
Daylight Kenya Board Member Bosco “Strong Wind” Loris

During the day, students and teachers wait their turn to fill up buckets of fresh water from the only spigot for miles.After the students and adults get their fill, the cows that provide milk to the students are lined up to drink from the trough.Daylight’s school in Alale is bringing hope to a generation of young people, and we are so grateful for your partnership in their education. This rainbow over Daylight School Alale is a pretty fitting description of the hope that is raining down on the community!

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