We are part of United Nations Goal #1 – No Poverty


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The United Nations set a goal to End Extreme Poverty by 2030.  Daylight is part of this global initiative. Most of our children come from families that live on less that $1.25 per day.IMG_4508

We have 300 children at Daylight Kapenguria in K-8  and 100 in Daylight Alale Literacy School who are learning the basic skills they need to find jobs, become informed and active citizens, and provide for their families. Daylight is breaking the cycle of poverty in the lives of these children. Children like Charles, who hopes to take his geometry lesson into his career as a pilot.6

Thank you for helping end extreme poverty.

Note: While Daylight strives to be a part of the United Nations Global Goals, we are not funded by the United Nations.



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