We Ask for Thoughts & Prayers for Faith & Daylight After Accident

It is with heavy hearts that we ask you to hold our 7th grade student Faith, as well as, all the Daylight staff, students, and family in your thoughts and prayers.

Faith is now going with her mother and Daylight Matron Angelina Kimpur to an eye specialist hospital in Sabatia which is three hours away.

Faith was playing with her friends and a teacher on the playground this week and there was an accident where a stick poked her in the eye. Her eye was injured and she was rushed to the nearby hospital.  Faith is a soloist in the Daylight choir and a star student in academics.

Faith Eye
Daylight Upper Grades

Sabatia Eye Hospital is an excellent care facility and will give Faith the best possible care.Dr. Leornard Doing a B-Scan
Sabatia Eye Hospital

We want to thank you for your generous donations which help fund Daylight’s emergency medical fund for our students and staff. We ask for your continued thoughts and prayers for Faith and her family as she undergoes treatment on her eye.

You can listen to Faith and the Daylight choir singing in this video below:

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