About Daylight

Our aim is to educate a new generation of leaders to serve and transform their communities and inspire sustainable livelihood. We believe children are the key to breaking long-standing generational poverty. Daylight provides classroom education, housing, and food support to Pre-School through 8th grade students. We bring together children from nomadic and rural backgrounds and equip them with life skills, farming skills, and a high quality education.

In northwestern Kenya, the nomadic peoples are a marginalized group who’s traditional lands were stolen and they were forced out into the desert where they roam the land searching for water and grazing pastures.

armed herdsboys

Teenagers with AK-47s are taught to steal from rivaling tribes. Many children are killed in tribal fighting, die of starvation or see no alternative to a life of cattle stealing. Girls are often circumcised and sold into polygamous marriages. The nomadic people struggle to survive in the desert and because they lack formal education they struggle to integrate into mainstream Kenyan society.

Daylight is seeking to educate these young people at our campus in a peaceful rural town called Kapenguria, on the southern border of the nomadic region. We also have a second campus in the desert village of Alale.

Google Map of Kapenguria, Kenya where Daylight is located. The desert to the north is where the nomadic people reside.

We educate amazing young women like Grace, in 7th grade, who wants to run a clinic in her home village when she grows up. Grace started school much later than most of the Daylight students.7-grace-1She grew up expecting to live her life in the desert nomadic village of Alale, Kenya. But when her parents died, she was sent to live with her uncle who was arranging a marriage for her. Plans for her marriage were interrupted when she got a serious ear infection. Grace was brought to live at Daylight. While she was recovering Grace fell in love with school. Grace is now an inspiring student leader, studying to achieve her dream of opening a clinic in her home village.

Daylight started in 2008 with 30 at-risk children and $250. We have grown over the last 12 years to two campuses with over 400 students from at-risk backgrounds. We have support from international partners and local Kenyan volunteers and businesses who donate over 50% of our annual budget.

Daylight strives to demonstrate respect for the region’s culture, religious preferences, and political views. We strive to act with sensitivity, tolerance, and respect toward others.

As required by United States Internal Revenue Code Section 6104, Daylight Center and School makes these forms available for public inspection: Form 1023 and Form 990, along with our whistleblower policy.

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