Kenyan Leadership Team and Board Members

Reuben Losharipo, Daylight School manager. He ensures that the school has the materials we need to meet the physical needs of the children and staff. He purchases food, fire wood, and school supplies. He is also in charge of staff payroll. Reuben has been with Daylight since the beginning 12 years ago and we are so grateful for his leadership.

School Manager Reuben Losharipo (left) and Headmaster Paul (right)

Paul Okiya, School Headmaster Paul oversees the student’s academic outcomes and works with our teachers to prepare quality lessons. We are so grateful for his pursuit of academic excellence.

Mercy Chemutai Kogo is Daylight’s School Secretary

Mercy Chemutai Kogo, School Secretary Mercy is in charge of keeping records of students, reporting to the Kenyan Ministry of Education, and relating to Daylight student’s family members. She is also the technology teacher and helps our students learn computer skills.

Angelina Kimpur School Matron and Daylight Co-Founder.

Co-Founder Angelina Kimpur and School Matron is the school matron and the kids call her “Mama Daylight.” She ensures that the students are healthy and well fed. She accompanies sick children to the doctor. She oversees the school kitchen which prepares over 1000 meals per day. And is in charge of the Daylight farm which grows 1/3 of the food eaten at Daylight. She is also the day to day project manager of Daylight building projects.

Daylight Founder Michael Kimpur

Co-Founder Daylight Kenya Director Michael Kimpur Michael oversees the large scale projects and visioning for Daylight. But he entrusts the majority of the day to day operations to the rest of the leadership team. This is because Michael also serves the Kenyan Government as the Director of Disaster Relief for the local West Pokot County Government. He works closely with the Governor of the region to help provide emergency relief caused by hunger, poverty, or natural disasters. Michael’s work is vital to the health and safety of the wider community in which Daylight School is located. See and hear Director Michael Kimpur’s story “From Herds Boy to School Boy.”


Kenyan Board of Directors

Johnson Yopo – Board Chair, Principal at a School in West Pokot County, Kenya

Angelina Kuo – Daylight School Matron

Ben Domongole – Kenyan businessman

Fridah Kamoi – Education administrator

James Chilakol – Retired Kenyan school principal

John Bosco – Farmer and community leader in Alale Township, Kenya

Karen Cheptoo – Farmer

Sharon Cheru – Kenyan business woman