Your Drought Response was Love, Support, & Generosity 

Though the drought is still present in Kenya, and throughout East Africa, we want to take a moment to thank you for continuing to help Daylight be a safe-haven for our students.

Thank you to everyone who holds Daylight students like Daniel, Joshua, and staff like Dan Chumba in their thoughts.

Dan, Daniel and Joshua

Thank you to the six U.S. supporters that made sustaining  or increased pledges to Daylight.

Thank you to the five congregations that included Daylight in their services and prayer this month.

Thank you to individual donors that collectively contributed nearly $20,000  in the last month and generously supported Daylight during the difficult time.

With your support we are able to supplement a portion of our food supply to cover lost crops due to the drought. But we don’t yet know the length of the drought or its effects on the next season of crops….We continue to seek pledged support for Daylight for the seasons to come.

Moma Mercy
Daylight’s Cook Mama Elizabeth

Will you help us to fulfill the $1,400 in monthly pledges still needed to bring education and hope to our students? Let us know how you see yourself continuing to help us close this gap.

Give to Daylightmake a pledge, or share your thoughts with us.

Thank you again for bringing your gifts, ideas, and hope to the students of Daylight.

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